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Digital Product Creation
We have years of experience across various interest sectors building interactive and engaging web and mobile platforms. To see our skills and capabilities, browse our range of projects.
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Digital Security & Media Training
We provide one-on-one digital security and media production training specifically designed for those working in oppressive conditions, as it’s a risk our own team often experiences throughout the MENA region.
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Community Building
We can help you explore efficient ways to grow your communities on the web by employing the right tools and methodologies.
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Advocacy Campaigns
Over the years, we’ve built a gamut of digital advocacy campaigns and have advised nonprofits worldwide on how best to develop, communicate, engage, secure, recruit supporters, and grow their work.
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Regional Familiarization / Geo Consultancy
The Middle East is seen as a homogeneous region, leading to much of the ill-advised and ineffective investments in the region. Our team comprises citizens and long-term residents of the region, with specific expertise in the GCC not restricted to nonprofit initiatives.
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Amplify Your Message with Majal Stories

Majal's interactive data services can help your organization elegantly present vital information: from archives to extraction, aggregation to infographics, our researchers, designers, and developers can build it.
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