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Previous projects founded by Majal

Below is a showcase of select projects that we founded and gradually handed over to a community of volunteers.


MEYArabic is a group blog with over 900 authors representing all Arab countries, sharing daily contributions such as political analysis, opinion articles, fictional writings, and podcasts in addition to showcasing short films and documentaries with relevant social messages. Founded in 2009, it remains to date the largest and most diverse Arab group blogging experience.

It features thousands of original articles and podcasts, and caters to dozens of thousands of visitors per month. MEYArabic had also launched a unique effort bringing attention to literature from political prisoners. The site is run by a network of volunteers.

The Alliance for Kurdish Rights

The Alliance for Kurdish Rights (AKR) is an independent digital initiative founded on a mission to mobilize public opinion, collect information, and disseminate knowledge about human rights abuses against Kurdish people throughout the Middle East. This platform aims to be a powerful tool that empowers and amplifies Kurdish voices.

At AKR, our writers and participants are hopeful and ambitious, working tirelessly to ensure the promise that Kurds in the region will be able to benefit from basic human rights, allowing them to speak freely and powerfully after many years of violent discrimination and silence. It is run by Kurdish and Arab students and volunteers.

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The Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights

The mission of the Baha’i Rights campaign is to ensure that the Baha’i community has equal opportunities and the ability to practice their faith in Muslim-majority countries. Our methodology relies primarily on satirical comics and videos that emphasize the rights of the Baha’is in our societies.

Many of these have been circulated across Arab media, creating nationwide discussions about Baha’i equality. After eight years, this project is currently dormant but its resources continue to be utilized and disseminated by organizations throughout the region.

Bedoon Rights

Bedoon Rights documents the human rights situation of Kuwait’s stateless community.

The site contains original research and coverage and acts as a repository for additional reportage on one of the most marginalized populations of the Middle East. It is currently managed voluntarily by a group of Bedoon activists in Kuwait.

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