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Enabling activists & grassroots organizations to collaboratively curate media related to their causes.

A tool for social justice

CrowdVoice.by was built for those working for social change in order to streamline the important task of collecting and disseminating information about their causes.

Its target audience is activists and grassroots collectives that engage in valuable, on-the-ground activities, but lack the resources to build their own tech with which to illustrate the importance and urgency of their work.

CrowdVoice.by helps grassroots campaigners organize and communicate their messages from a central hub across multiple platforms.

A CrowdVoice by…

Transgender people in India

A CrowdVoice by Centre for Trans


A CrowdVoice by #MEAction Network

Kurdish Prisioners in Iran

A CrowdVoice by Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Harness the power of the crowd.

Users of CrowdVoice.by can collaboratively curate media and share it with a broader audience, encouraging the sort of engagement that enables organizations to both promote their causes and find support.

It’s decentralized for flexibility and maximum visibility, allowing users to embed and use the tool on any page they manage.

From: Alternative Rio Live by Witness Media Lab

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