Freedom of Expression

Harnessing the power of crowdsourced media to contextualize social movements throughout the world.

Tracking Voices of Protest

CrowdVoice was created with the belief that access to organized information is the cornerstone of social change and the advancement of human rights.

The open source platform makes sense of the flow of information across the web on social movements and ongoing conflicts, raising awareness and deepening insight into the forces of change worldwide.

Crowdsourced Information

CrowdVoice employs crowdsourcing technology to mine relevant content from internet noise, presenting complete and nuanced pictures using both citizen and mainstream media.

  • Reuters
    Central Americans surge north, hoping to reach U.S. before Trump inauguration
  • YouTube
    Dalit families migrate after social boycott.
  • The Monitor
    Family members of missing migrants visit the Rio Grande Valley
  • CBC News
    Drawings of Syria: Child refugees colour horrors of war
  • The Atlantic
    What It’s Like to Be an Immigration Attorney in the Final Weeks Before the Trump Presidency
  • El Universal
    Se movilizan por los 43 desaparecidos de Ayotzinapa
  • Standford Daily
    Parents of 43 missing Ayotzinapa students still fighting for justice
  • YouTube
    500+ Families in trouble due to Governments Land acquisition
    Australia’s Unwanted Asylum Seekers (Mostly Iranians) to Be Resettled in the US
  • @JulianeMeyerK
    #Syria n army pushes into rebel-held areas of #Aleppo - @dwnews
  • @Aussie4Refugees
    Protest all who support Australia’s anti-refugee torture, exile, turnback policy - including #UNHCR

Comprehensive Data

In addition to traceable archives of photos, articles, and videos, CrowdVoice is host to many educational resources like interactive timelines and infographics to promote both at-a-glance and in-depth understanding of the complexities surrounding a wide range of topics.

The Impact

Features hundreds of thousands of individual pieces of crowdsourced media on over 450 topics from around the world.

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Works to archive and disseminate evidence that may not be available through mainstream media due to climates that are repressive or dangerous to journalists.

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CrowdVoice’s media feeds were featured in reports by the UN, the Guardian, Al Jazeera, and other local and international media outlets.

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Tracking Voices of Protest

Explore social movements worldwide with in the press.


“CrowdVoice is worthy of the attention: a site that aggregates images, videos and links from witnesses of oppression around the world: in the Middle East, but also as far afield as Uganda, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan and Oakland.”


“CrowdVoice spotlights all content on the web related to campaigns and protests. If one online activist comes across a spare or one-sided post, he can easily supplement information. Furthermore, campaign participants can add anecdotes and first-hand experiences so that others can check in from afar.”


“…a better resource for journalists wanting to report on social movements, even ones in countries where they don’t speak the appropriate language.”

The Guardian

“It is a good resource for photos and videos of protests as well as links to news stories and reports”

“Awesome site. The best part? You can subscribe to/follow any article or voice that piques your interest, which means one less excuse that I have to fall behind in my current events. This is a great resource to release unknown stories and empower them to make the change.”


“CrowdVoice seeks to provide a comprehensive picture of movements of dissent which are often reduced to either death toll numbers or which world leader said what.”

Nominet Trust

“The [CrowdVoice] community embraces open source values and encourages independent fact-checkers. They seek to chronicle change and promote accountability, and have now grown enough to host content from around the world.”

Peace & Conflict Monitor

“A great source for an insightful compilation of citizen perspectives, drawing from traditional news sources, blogs, image galleries, and video clips from protest participants, intellectuals and experts in the field.”

Shorthand Social

“Not all protests are seen as newsworthy, in a sense silencing those who needed that voice. Online platform CrowdVoice defies this, creating an archive of protests for education as well as an in-depth analysis on protests and movements.”

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