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Advocating and promoting awareness on migrant issues across the GCC and wider Middle East.

Amplifying the voices of the disempowered.

Migrant-Rights.org (MR) aims to change attitudes and practices towards migrant workers through evidence-based reporting and offline engagement with all key stakeholders. Our bilingual platform features original research, policy analysis, campaigns, and resources for migrant workers. We work with migrant communities, employers, recruiters, international organisations, and governments to facilitate understanding and information exchange. Our learnings feed back into our reporting and vice-versa.

MR’s vision is for the human rights of migrant workers in the GCC to be understood, protected, and fully realized. All of our work falls under three core buckets:

We document and spotlight emerging migrant rights issues and abuses across the GCC

We work closely with key stakeholders across the ecosystem, and support them to implement our recommendations in their unique contexts

We build and nurture a regional network of advocates, to strengthen solidarity, knowledge sharing, and community support

Our current priority work areas include:

Global Advocacy

Our original research and reporting informs our advocacy with UN mechanisms, international organisations, and other global forums. We not only document rights abuses, but provide practical solutions to issues raised to translate pressure into actionable steps. Though closed civil society spaces generally preclude direct advocacy, we leverage GCC governments’ concern with their public image to promote accountability and encourage better practices.

Domestic Workers Advocacy

We advocate for the rights of migrant domestic workers in the Gulf with employers of domestic workers, influential institutions, and governments of origin and destination. Informed by the experiences of migrant women and our first-hand reporting, we work on improving relationships between employers and workers, tackle recruitment reform, and encourage governments in countries of origin to act responsibly.

Community Engagement

We work with local communities to promote a rights-based understanding of migration and labour through discussion circles, live events, and social media campaigns. We engage closely with migrants, youth, businesses, and other employers to raise awareness, bridge social gaps, and build solidarity.

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