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Migrant Rights

Migrant Rights

Advocating and promoting awareness on migrant issues across the GCC and wider Middle East.

Amplifying the voices of the disempowered. is the Middle East’s foremost platform dedicated to advancing rights of migrant workers. Currently focusing primarily on the GCC countries and their corridors of migration, MR bridges the spectrum of the region’s otherwise self-contained stakeholders by producing resources for citizens, academics, media, local civil society organizations, as well as migrants.

Empowering Migrants

Tools for migrants include a mapped database of organizations in origin and destination countries, as well as a portal to anonymously report abuse. Original research, multimedia documentation, as well as social awareness and policy-centered campaigns are available in English and Arabic. Our research provides context and on-ground perspective to the region’s migration issues, and campaigns elevate the often-marginalized plight of migrant workers to both local and global human rights dialogues.

Our Shelter Me Initiative

In partnership with Hivos and Indonesia’s Migrant Care, we are working to reduce the isolation of women domestic workers. To influence the discourse and rights of domestic workers in the GCC region, we advocate with employers through workshops, surveys, op-eds, and campaigns.

We are also developing tools and strategies to reduce isolation of domestic workers as well as a recruitment rating system to better inform and lobby sending-country organizations, training centers, and governments.

Furthering our mission to influence the mindset of Gulf citizens and residents, we released a guide for employers, providing information that would aid individuals in making educated changes in their attitudes towards domestic workers.


Improved media coverage on migration and challenging narratives on migration

Encouraged and supported grassroots, citizen- and migrant-led contributions to combat racism and discrimination

Provided information and resources about the Gulf to organizations in sending countries

Provided support to migrants by connecting them with on-the-ground organizations and individuals

Promoted dialogue on migrant rights within regional communities and locating migrant rights within a wider rights-based discourse.

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Help improve data and research on migrant workers to produce evidence-based policy alternatives and reports.