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A web and mobile app showcasing underground musicians in the Middle East and North Africa who use music as a tool for social change.

Streaming since 2010

The mission of Mideast Tunes is to unite people across social, political, and religious barriers by creating constructive discourse through music.

Mideast Tunes is more than just a creative outlet, it functions as a social tool that amplifies the voices of marginalized communities, especially youth, in a way that transforms the entire narrative around the Middle East and North Africa.

The platform is a microcosm of what the region has to offer. Many of our artists are women who perform across a wide variety of genres, or artists from minority communities who face multiple barriers in their search for expression.


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A podcast series exploring the intersection of underground music and social change in the Arab world.

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In a region where censorship and surveillance are the norm, it is essential that we pursue and preserve means to amplify the diverse voices of our societies.

For this reason, we developed a digital media production program that provides training to youth, enabling them to gain the necessary skills to host their own shows on Mideast Tunes Radio.

Their podcasts will showcase the vitality of the region’s youth, presenting programming on their terms, in their voice, and in a manner which doesn’t underestimate their potential to make waves.

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Mideast Tunes in the press.

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The Next Web

“Both the website and iOS apps are beautifully designed, and offer the Middle East’s socially conscious musicians a unique opportunity to reach an international audience.”

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“If you want to know what the anthem of change will be, check out mideastunes.com, where the region's revolutionary playlist is ready for download. This is no sugarcoated pop site. The music is about social change.”

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“Mideast Tunes is the only worthy app in the MENA for people who wish to explore what musicians do when they aren’t told what to do by record labels.You can learn about any underground music scene in the Arab world and listen to their music offline for free.”

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“The site is a platform for the region's alternative musicians, from hip hop and trance artists to metal and alt-rock groups.”

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The National

“The platform (available for both iOS and Android) allows users to stream music from across the MENA region for free, with no ads.”

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“The site has doubled in size over the past year, on a beautiful site that offers flawless streaming, even in Lebanon.”

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