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Rebranding to Majal

Screen shot 2017-01-01 at 10.09.19 PMSince 2006, Mideast Youth’s mission has been to bring Middle Eastern communities to the world stage by using innovative technology to amplify the voices of diverse and underrepresented groups. As the response to our projects expanded, the small group behind Mideast Youth envisaged that these successful projects were resources that could benefit people worldwide. Thus, we rebranded as Majal, retaining Mideast Youth’s same vision and core values but expanding our commitment to global communities.

In Arabic and Farsi, Majal translates to “opportunity” or “to give way”. In Hindi slang, it means daring or brave. When read in Spanish, it’s “Mahal,” which in Tagalog means love. So in a word, Majal embodies what it is meant to be – a daring act of love that will create opportunities for underrepresented communities worldwide.


Behind The Logo

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