Round up of the latest stories from Migrant-Rights.org

The all-pervasive kafala, or sponsorship system, allows employers to exercise virtually absolute power over migrant workers. Moving from Saudi to Qatar to Kuwait, Mobeen Ahmed’s story is one amongst several million migrant experiences in the GCC region.

Business & Human Rights: Companies can use their leverage to protect migrant domestic workers

For those of us working closely on these issues, the ultimate goal is inclusion of domestic workers in just and fair labour laws and proper implementation of the same. In the interim, there is a need to fill a gaping information gap and to take proactive steps that can minimise the risk of exploitation. There is scope for business leadership to emerge on this issue. Read more.

Trapped by the ‘Free Visa’, Bangladeshi workers in Oman share their strife

Each and every day, survival itself is a big hurdle. No money for food, medicine and shelter.  In addition to all of this, as I don’t possess any legal documents, it’s quite difficult to make an exit from Oman. As I am overstaying, the fines for the same are huge,” Mohammed said. Read more.

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“The System is Down”: Entrapment and the arbitrary power of absconding reports

The moment a worker is reported as absconding or absent from work, they are considered ‘illegal,’ and in violation of residency laws. They are pushed arbitrarily into a violent cycle of being haunted by police, imprisoned, deported, or in other cases, left without work and banned from traveling. Read more.

See Also: Ugandan Maid Sentenced For Having Baby Outside Wedlock Returns Home.

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